Volunteer Today



We offer volunteer opportunities in different fields in children’s homes, schools, clinics and streets. Every program is made to suit the needs of the volunteers’ so as to feel the satisfaction that comes along with helping the needy


We strongly believe sports and talents are successful ways of bringing people together and celebrating the skills and talents of the children and youths involved. Therefore, we provide volunteers with the opportunity to carry out sports programs and talent workshops to the children and youths from, orphanages rescue centers and the streets.

We acknowledge volunteers’ desire to work with children, we offer several different placements in orphanages in and around Nairobi. We aim at creating a family life for the children by showing love, concern, and togetherness

We help children living on the streets for many reasons, including difficult social situations at home, unemployment, alcoholism, violence and abuse. We focus on; Children who live on the street who don’t have parents , who work on the street during the day but sleep at home during the night, who live on the street together with their family, who live on the street periodically

Since most of these kids have low self-esteem and no one to look up to or identify with, we felt there was a need , that as much as we offer physical provisions or financial support, we also need forums and workshops to help them curb with emotional as well as psychological traumas. By founding this program we focus on