About Us

Destiny Equipping Child Association (Deca) is a Non-profit Charitable Organization that passionately believes every child has the right to a Happy, Healthy and Positive Childhood. We aim at improving the lives of the less fortunate Children and adults of the society by provision education, scholarship, mentorship programs, donation of basic necessities; food, clothing, shelter.  

The Organisation was founded  by a team of young people who were and are continuously passionate about community service. They joined hands and promised to change the society positively by impacting the less privileged in the community. The team has grown from 25- 85 registered members and another 50-100 supporters. DECA has no
political interference.



We aim at offering and showing love to the children's and people who feel left out in the society by visiting, encouraging and having a fellowship with them. God being our guide and father of love we believe we should take care of the Less fortunate and vulnerable Children's in our society


We aim at creating long term relationships through diverse cultural integration, skills , exchange of programs, socially and economically via social media campaigns, referrals, pledges and donations from friends.


We value the respect of oneself to the other. We have members from diverse cultures, different ethnicity, religion and gender therefore for us to achieve much we must uphold respect to each other. We organize team-building activities frequently for bonding and growth


We aim at touching lives of many therefore there is need for sacrifices and service to them that need us. We offer Mentorship programs, Home awards, and cooking, feeding programs on the planned visits to children homes These programs have made a big impact in the society


Our programs aims at helping the less fortunate and vulnerable children and adults in Homes, Rescue centres, Streets and those living in poverty. We are changing this by making a safe and a fulfilling childhood a reality for many children in our society. We help in improving their education; mentoring and helping them develop their talents, confidence, self-esteem and most importantly giving them Hope for a better tomorrow

Our Vision

To offer a Platform to every needy child and enable them discover their full potential.

Our Mission

Equipping the child in the society materially, spiritually and emotionally as we drive them to their destiny